Educational Programs & Training Courses


The InventSchoolTM offers interdisciplinary creative education programs and innovative training courses consisting of: 1) Lecture-dialogues, seminar-workshops and short courses with innovation-lab; 2) Post-graduate certificate course in creativity and innovation; and 3) Post-graduate diplomate course in creativity and innovation. The school has also developed bachelor, master and doctorate degree programs on creativity and innovation which will be offered in the near future. Nevertheless, the bachelor’s degree course is presented below.



The InventSchoolTM offers a Foundation and Exploration Program (FEP) on creativity and innovation. This program provides introductory or preparatory lectures-dialogues and invigorating or energizing seminar-workshops, and short-term training courses which introduce the participants to creativity and innovation in general. The program is intended to inspire and stimulate participants’ creative talents and innovative skills, as well as provide solid foundation—knowledge, attitude/behavior, and skills—on creativity and innovation.

Lecture-Dialogues – Public lectures on creativity, invention development and innovation management, among other subject areas, in any college/university campus or other venues such as hotels, offices and other school campuses. The objective is to let the students discover their own creative talents and inspire them to develop their creativity and innovative skills. [Relative duration: Two (2) to three (3) hours to a maximum of five (5) hours]

Seminar-Workshops – Seminars and workshops are designed to inspire and stimulate the participants’ creative capacity and show them how to nurture and develop their creative thinking skills and provide solid foundation on the use of creativity tools and techniques in idea-generation, creative problem-solving and decision-making. The objective is stimulate participants’ inventing capability, and encourage them to start developing invention-ideas, making the ideas patentable and setting up possible invention enterprise. [Relative duration: Half-day (3-5 hours) up to a maximum of five days (8-40 hours)] 

Short-Term Courses – The short-term courses provides detailed information on developing the participants’ creativity and innovation skills in a particular field of study. The courses aim to invigorate or energize creativity and innovative skills by demonstrating how to further develop creative thinking skills, provide specific guides to the appropriate use of creative tools and techniques, technology development, and innovation management. [Relative duration: One week (20-40 hours) to one month (40-160 hours) up to a maximum of two months (80-320 hours)]

The lecture-dialogues, seminar-workshops and short courses include the following subject/topic areas: 

1. Nurturing Creativity, Improving Thinking Skills – A general introduction to creativity and innovation

2. Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

3. Creative Engineering and Technological Innovation* 

4. Creativity in Information Technology and Digital Innovation*

5. Creative Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation* 

6. Creativity and Innovation in Education – Innovative teaching and creative learning 

7. Creativity in Educational Gamification: Simulation and Gaming Design 

8. How to Create Inventive Ideas and Develop New Inventions 

9. How to Patent an Invention and the Intellectual Property system

10. Creatology Rising – The evolving new science of creativity and innovation

11. Creative Analytics – Constructive critical thinking, analytical creativity, logical sensitivity and changing perceptions, reasoning and evaluation, learning comprehension and making relevant connections

12. Creativity and Innovation in Governance/Management – Application of creative tools and innovative techniques in local governance, management of public institutions, and innovation management of private business organizations

13. Building Innovative Towns and Cities – Generating ideas for building innovative city, town or municipality using creativity in all its forms for developing schemes on regeneration through a mix of the traditional creative arts, business, science and technology towards creating digital, innovative economy utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) across the landscape.

14. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics with design lab which provides robotics design experience.

15. Advanced Internet On-line Search – How to surf information in the “deep” web [How to find quality information in the Internet]

16. Super-Recall: Memory Enhancement – Learning how to recall important information and analytic data, and how to learn better and faster. 

17. Creative Studies and Creatological Research – A special interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies in creative studies and creatological research designed for researchers interested to participate in the LICI research study on Creatology, the new science of creativity and innovation. 

Post-Graduate Certificate and Diplomate Courses


The InventSchool offers a Certificate and Diplomate Program (CDP) on creativity and innovation. This post-graduate program is designed to develop creative thinking skills and foster the ability to think differently in an exciting journey to the world of creativity and innovation. It focuses on the development of technological inventions and innovative products, processes, services and organizations as well as social inventions and community innovations.