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About Us

The InventSchool is a non-profit corporation (under registration) in Canada as the training centre of Creatology Corporation. It is a creative education and innovation Research-And-Development institute dedicated to the development of creativity and innovation, promotion of inventive activities, and formation of technological, social and cultural enterprises. It stimulates the development of technical and social inventions (new products, processes and services), development of innovative enterprises, and enhancement of industrial productivity.

InventSchool offers interdisciplinary creative education programs and innovative training courses consisting of: 1) Lecture-dialogues, seminar-workshops and short courses with innovation-lab. It intends to partner with educational institutions anywhere in the world with: 2) Post-graduate certificate course in creativity and innovation. 3) Post-graduate diplomate course in creativity and innovation, and in the future, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees in creativity and innovation.

Early in 1973 the Philippine government in partnership with the Likhaan Institute of Creatology and Innovation (LICI), a private non-profit organization launched InventSchool a highly successful creativity and invention development training program for Filipino inventors, innovators, and creative thinkers.